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Daphne D. Hess Designs

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Veggies & Fruit

Popcorn beads". I've had some requests for just the popcorn beads and here they are. Each bead has been put in an etching solution to give them a matte finish. Price: $3.00 per bead.



"Pea Pods". Each bead is about 20mm long by 11.5mm wide. Price: $2.00 per bead


"Carrots" Each carrot is about 16mm long by 12mm wide. Price: $2.00 per bead


"Ear of Corn". Each ear is about 12mm long by 9 mm wide. Price: $2.00 per bead

"Head of Lettuce" Each lettuce bead is about 10-13mm around and about 8-9mm high. Price: $2.00 per bead



"Red and Green peppers" I had to buy a jar of spaghetti sauce just for the picture of the green pepper on the label! Each pepper measures about 15mm long by 9-10mm wide. Your choice-red or green peppers. Price: $2.00 per bead.


Eggplant-Each bead is about 13mm high x 9mm at widest point.  The eggplant is a medioum transparent purple with opaque varigated green leaves.  Price: $2 per bead.

"Blackberries" Each berry is about12mm high by 12mm wide. My photo doesn't do it justice. Each bead is made up of tiny dark transparent purple dots of glass with tiny opaque green leaves. Price: $2.00 per bead



"Red Hot Chili Peppers" These little devils are about 18-20mm long by about 4mm wide. There is a small hanging loop at the top of the bead. Price: $2.00 per bead.

"Tomatoes" Each tomato is about 8mm high by 10 mm around. They are made of opaque red glass and have tiny multicolored green leaves. Price: $2.00 per bead


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