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Daphne D. Hess Designs

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Christmas beads Page 4


"Cranberries & Holly" Crystal beads decorated with holly berries and leaves. Also transparent red spacer beads. Price: $18.00 for the set of 11 beads.


"Snowbaby1"  Baby snowperson decked out in a red sock hat and Christmas scarf.  He measures about 22mm long by 15mm wide.  Also included are 4 10mm cake beads.  PRICE:  $12.00 for the set of 5 beads.


"Frosty"  A tiny snobaby done with a blue hat and a white, blue and green scarf.  He measures about 21mm long by 12mm wide.  Also included are 6 8 mm transparent blue spacer beads with a silvery frosting.  PRICE: $10.00 for the set.


"Snowbaby3"  Another tiny snowbaby attired in a green sock hat and Christmas scarf.  He measures about 18mm high and 12mm wide.  Also are included four transparent green 9mm beads and two 12mm Christmas beads.  PRICE:  $8.50 for the set.

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