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Daphne D. Hess Designs

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Contact Us & Links We Love

You can contact me by my email: or by phone 931-539-7940 or

Ordering is really easy! Just give me an email with the beads you would like to purchase. Special orders are happily attempted. You can also purchase individual beads from the bead sets. If the bead sets are noted "SOLD", I will be glad to make you duplicates. They won't be the exact copy, but as close to the original as handmade gets.

  I usually ship using the USPS.  If you would like to specify another carrier, please ask.  If you are in a hurry, overnight delivery is available.
Shipping charges paid by the buyer.

I accept payment through PayPal or by money order or cashier's check. Payment is expected upon receipt of goods.

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When browsing look for Tammy Powley's latest book "Picture Yourself creating Metal Clay Jewelry."  It even comes with a CD!  I'm totally clay-impaired, but thanks to Tammy's simple straight-forward teaching I'm ordering PMC! ( I'll let you know how it goes) 

The best site to keep you informed on the world of jewelrymaking.

One of my favorite designers using my lampwork beads!

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