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Daphne D. Hess Designs

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Each day I am listing more beads.    TO ORDER:  Please email me with your bead(s) selection and I will  send you a PayPal invoice for your payment.  Thanks for browsing!! 

Calypso Carnival

Featuring eight 7-8 mm round beads, 10 tiny spacer beads, a large pillow focal bead about 15 mm X 15 mm, and an encased domed button about 10 mm.  The button has a shank on the reverse side.  The base color of the beads is crystal decorated with red, orange, green yellow and a pop of blue frit.  Also hand pulled cane adorns some of the beads.  PRICE:  $25 for the set.

Calypso Carnival #2

A set of  13 beads featuring four 7-8 mm round beads, 2 pillow beads about 10 mm and a large encased bicone bead about 20 mm L X 13 mm H.  Also included are 8 tiny spacer beads.  The base color of thse beads is white with multi colored green, orange, red, yellow and a pop of blue.  Some beads are decorated with hand pulled cane.  PRICE:  $18.00 for the set.


reverse side

"Brook Stones"  A set of 7 beads measuring about 12-14mm each.  The background color is silvered ivory with swirls of transparent cobalt blue, aqua, purple and blue.  Both sides are decorated.  Price:  $20


Hot pink hollow lampwork beads measuring about 13mm -15mm.  Also included are 6 matching spacer beads.  The beads are done in crystal , hot pink  and a touch of red transparent glass.  Price:$19 for the set of  11 beads.


"St. Patrick's Parade"  5 rectangle beads with a shamrock on both sides.  6 transparent green spaces included.   The decorated beads measure about 12-14mm by 11-15mm.  Price:  $23 for the set of  11 beads.


"Tropical Blue Lagoon"  5 tab beads measuring 11-13mm by 13-14mm.  Also a matching button  heart with a glass shank on the back.  Use it for a clasp or a focal bead.  Price:$18 for the set of 5 beads and a button.


"Floral Focus"   Pink base cake beads with an encased flower focal bead.  The cake beads measure about 10-13mm and the encased flower bead measures about 14mm.  Price:  $18.00

Check out the SALE priced beads! These beads have hung around for awhile and are getting stale. I need to move them out and make room for new work.