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Daphne D. Hess Designs

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Meltdown page two


"Leftover Pinks"  Assorted  beads leftover from other projects.  Measuring about 12-13mm each.  Price: $8 for the strand of  8 beads.


"Leftover Greens"  A set of 12 assorted beads done in discs, diamond shape, tube and round cake beads.  These beads are done transparent and opaque colors.   These guys need a new home!  Price:  $10 for the set of 12 beads.


"More Leftovers"  And we have more green beads!  A set of opaque and transparent green cake beads.  Just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Price:  $10 for the set of 12 beads. 


 "Wrong Blues" Transparent medium blue base tube beads with transparent green decorations.  The beads measure about 8-10mm .  I have two strands of these beads.  There are 12 beads on each strand.  Price:  $10 per strand.   

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